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Exploring immersive art installation, my practice incorporates and attempts to portray my mental health in a way that the viewer can feel within their bodies; utilising their movement and their own feelings of anxiety, however miniscule or immense they may be. This links both the mind and the body, and wipes out the hegemony of vision in the art world, which I believe to be a hierarchical concept that has been around for a great deal of time, predominantly during the Modernist movement.   I have always been increasingly aware and interested in the state of my mental health and am now looking at ways in which I can portray, or replicate, the states of being (prioritising anxiety) that I find myself in at certain times during daily life. The main question I have been thinking and brainstorming over is: How do I portray my anxiety in an immersive, installational method? And how can I portray it in a way that is easily felt and visualised by the viewer?  I want the viewer to almost merge with the artwork, to become a part of it. I want this process of movement of the viewer to evoke a sense of fun, maybe even subtle embarrassment.  There is also a repetitive nature to my work that links back to my anxious self, which utilises coping methods; the use of repetition being one of them, for example repeating bus or train times in my mind. To replicate this, I have been knot making (concentrating on nets), which can subsequently cause repetitive nature and thought.




Artist CV


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa University (2017-present)

Foundation in Art and Design (2015-2016)

Edexel BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Art and Design (2012)

Edexel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design (2012)

Edexel BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design (2012)

ABC Level 1 Art and Creative Studies (2012)

Adobe Photoshop

Google Sketchup

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Powerpoint

Technical Drawing 

Technical Painting







Spray Painting

Diana Seymore




"Chromo Pigmentum"

21st May 2018

Queen Camel Memorial Hall, Somerset

"A Virtual Space"

23rd May 2019

A virtual reality exhibition space created on my computer using a simulation game.




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